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Computer Training Main

We can take care of our computer training needs

You need computer based training created if any of the following scenarios sound familiar:

1. Do you have routine training tasks that tie up your key people?
2. Are you having to spend key personnel resources to conduct refresher courses for other employees?
3. What about that new piece of equipment on the production line - have you thought about the most effective way to train all three shifts on how to use it?

hands on keyboard
Maybe you have training courses, but no one has updated them in years, and a lot of the material is only available in a ring binder. This isn't very practical for mass communication to tens or hundreds of employees....

hands on keyboard
Or maybe you've had to make some modifications to the system after the reseller installed it. Now the manuals are out of date and the online tutorials are not enough. And to add to your challenges, you have a whole shift of new people to get trained...

computer training
Whatever the situation in your business or organization, it’s just not a good use of key personnel to be tied up training new people.

Let CSRA Multimedia help you develop one or more computer based training courses or modules that can do the work for you 24/7. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the CBT module calling in sick!
CSRA Multimedia gives you the whole package. We have the resources on staff or in our network of expert providers to plan the course, shoot and produce the video, photo, and graphic elements, and then produce the training modules.

We can even do the training for you. We have professionals with decades of experience in training individuals and teams to achieve the results you need in today’s ultra competitive and constantly changing workplace.

computer training in your location
Let us help you design the training once, so that you can then deploy it over and over to each team member.

Let us help you be a hero to the stakeholders who are counting on you to get the job done in an era of having to do more with less.

computer training for your organization

Your team is important - you care about them and want to enable them to succeed. Let us help you.

Contact CSRA Multimedia and let’s discuss your computer-based training needs. We can designed a customized package that will give you the competitive edge you need.


Your team needs it, & our team does it.

Let us go to work to improve your group's efficiency and save you money.

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