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Sometimes you might need a short animation to help convey and explain your message. Perhaps you are planning your next Church drama, and need additional help. What about that technical review for work that needs the process flow sheet to come to life so that the review board will actually be able to understand how your modifications will improve product yields and actually lower production costs? Relax - let CSRA Multimedia can help you.

Engineering Process Simulations The video shown below was similar to the last scenario we mentioned. We did this several years ago to help explain the support role that one subcontractor had been doing to help another subcontractor on a major waste cleanup issue. Most of the video is simple video editing to combine photos, CAD drawings and video clips to tell the story. Near the middle of the story we actually animated a process flow diagram to help communicate how the waste moved from storage tanks to its ultimate solidified state.

The video was utilized in a Congressional project review. The inclusion of this animated flow sheet contributed significantly to the audience’s understanding.

Church Video Animations We have also done animations for less weighty subjects. The video shown to the right above was created as an announcement for a Church’s fall festival social. We took a photo of a hay bale and created a character named “Baley” ( I know - cheesy....).

We created the character as a layered Photoshop file and then used Adobe After Effects to animate Baley and

have him announce the date and time for the festival. This one got a huge number of chuckles.

We had another opportunity to assist a Church with a video during the 2002 Easter drama. This animation involved creating a really wicked thunderstorm to be played at the time Jesus died on the cross. The video was created from three still images and some thunder, rain, and earthquake sound effects. It looked awesome on the big screen, and the boom sounds really impacted the crowd. You can click on the link below to see the video. The video quality isn’t great, because we only retained a low-res mpg version of the video. Still, it is a pretty good piece of work!

Please contact CSRA Multimedia soon for help with creating any animations needed for your video projects. You’d be amazed at what a little motion can do to help you explain your concepts better.
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