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DVD and CD duplication and printing
After we convert your media, produce the video from your event, etc., you may need more than one copy. Great we’re happy and able to help you with that as well!

We have the capability to make one copy or several hundred copies of your project. We have a Microfarads disc printer unit that does a wonderful job of printing directly on your DVDs and CDs. We’ve included a photo below showing it in action making a stack of discs for one of our customers.

CD and DVD printing and duplication

cd and dvd duplication
To our right is a photo of the disc duplicator.

We will also be happy to make Give us a call or email us soon to discuss duplicating your DVDs and CDs.

A really nice sound in out office is the click that a disc makes when it falls from the printer into the hopper another disc finished!

Please contact CSRA Multimedia today if you need CDs or DVDs duplicated. You'll have your project wrapped up with a beautiful disc label that will make you and your team look good!


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