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Green Screen - for videos and photos

Green screen technology, or chroma keying, has been around a while, and is incredibly useful in modern photography and videography. You rarely find any major motion picture release that doesn’t make some use of green or blue screen technology to create all of those awesome (and sometimes overdone) special effects. You see this in action every time you watch the weatherman tell you what it’s going to be like outside tomorrow. He or she is standing in front of a green or blue wall, dressed in clothing that isn’t that blue or green, and looking off-camera to video screens of weather information. What you see if them standing in front or the high pressure zone or the heavy snowfall. The TV studio uses computer equipment to make the blue or green background transparent, so that the weatherman can stand there in front of a satellite image of the hurricane and predict landfall.

Ever wonder why they use blue or green? It’s because human skin doesn’t contain those colors, and it’s easy to mask it out (with the proper tools, of course). Once you have transparent background, you have unlimited opportunities to drop in a solid background, video clip, etc. It’s a great way to add production value to anything you do. It speaks volumes about the professional quality of your work.

Below are three thumbnails for video clips that we used back in the day when we were learning to do chroma keying. The talent used was gorgeous, so these are great examples to show of how easy it is to stage a green-screen shoot, and then key out the background and drop in the desired scenes. Pretty cool, huh?

Check out the two photos below. We shot the “audio techno geek” scene in front of the green screen, and then knocked out the green background via chroma keying. The photo on the right was tweaked a bit to adjust color after the color keying step was performed.

green screen before keying

green screen after keying

CSRA Multimedia had a client needing a portrait for use in a newspaper ad campaign. Our initial idea was to put horizontal ruffles in the backdrop, but the client didn’t like the result. Even though this wasn’t a green-screen shot, we masked out the backdrop, and then dropped in various stock graphics to create a product that the client approved of. Check out the results below.

By the way, the handsome gentleman in the photo is John Travis, a financial advisor. He is a great guy and good at what he does; you can learn more about him by visiting his web site www.moneymd.net. He also teaches a "Financial Peace University" at our Church www.cedarcreekchurch.net.

photo with background before removing
photo after background removed

photo after keying with new background added

photo after color keying with background added

Please contact CSRA Multimedia when you are planning your next commercial, infomercial, documentary, etc. to learn how color or chroma keying could turn your great idea into a standout idea.

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