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Lighting equipment for video and photography
No matter how good your cameras are, they’re not as good as the human eye. We really are an amazing creation, and the human eye’s ability to see a wide range of colors and light levels is nothing short of amazing.

Compared to the human eye, a video camera is relatively blind by comparison. A camera needs help to capture the subtle shadows that make a scene stand out. That is where lighting comes into play.

proper lighting equipment for videos and photos

Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes and can be made to do wonderful things through the use of umbrellas, soft boxes, gels, etc.

lighting equipment and backdrop on location

CSRA Multimedia takes the time to get the lighting, gels, reflectors, etc. set up and properly positioned, so that your video will look great!

lighting equipment for rental or video and photo projects Call CSRA Multimedia today to discuss your video and photography lighting needs.
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