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Live webcasting for your event

Have an event coming up but some guests can’t make the trip? No problem - send them a link to watch it on Internet!

We’ve included several YouTube videos showing examples of the quality you can achieve with a live webcast using nothing more than a 4G card, laptop, and digital camcorder. These videos were edited from a screen capture of the actual live webcast. The entire webcast was almost seven minutes long, so I created several shorter videos from the single video to highlight various services that our business offers. The beginning minute of each video clip is essentially identical but the remainder of each video is unique information. You can scroll through the thumbnails on the left below, and then click the desired thumbnail to view the video.

The great thing about doing a live webcast of a conference or seminar is that remote attendees can send in questions via text or email, and the speaker can answer those questions while they are doing their presentation. Also, if the presentations are being filmed while the live webcast is occurring, all of the questions will be captured and enhance the final presentation.

You can also embed the live webcast into a web page if you would like to have a customized interface for the virtual event. This would be a great way to make documents available to remote team members, or perhaps a link to send money for donations or a wedding registry...

The video quality approaches DVD quality, and all you have to do is click a button to watch via the Internet!!!

The last example above was a live webcast example from back in the 3G days. I was doing the voice over while zooming and panning the camera, so unfortunately there's not as much camera movement as I would like. This was back when 3G wireless was just beginning to catch on. We had a realtor whose partner was in Jacksonville, FL (over four hours away). They were having a customer’s new modular home installed near our office, and hired us to send a live Internet feed to Jacksonville. They were able to the broadcast all day long as the house was brought in on trucks, lifted into position via crane, and final assembly was done. This was particularly cool, as we were standing in a newly cleared building lot. We had to be careful where we walked due to loose tree roots, building materials, etc. We were literally out in God’s country, but we were able to use cutting-edge technology to give a client an economical solution to his problem. Still, this was a pretty impressive demonstration in its day...

CSRA Multimedia can provide members of your team, family etc. a live Internet feed of your event. We have the capability to stream a live camera feed from where you are to where they are. Think of it - your son who is deployed on active Military duty can see the Church service (we actually did this), or Grandma who is in assisted living can watch her favorite granddaughter get married hundreds of miles away (we did this as well).

The shot below shows us set up on location to send out a live Internet feed. We can come to your location and quickly set up for your live webcast needs.

live webcasting on location

Please contact CSRA Multimedia soon to learn more about having a live webcast if you’re planning an event and some of your guest list is unable to attend.

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