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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing - drive traffic to your website

Social media is embedded in the fabric of who we are as a society. Lots of people use Facebook to keep up with friends, post notes to Church groups, etc. You've probably watched a video or two on YouTube. Maybe you've heard about LinkedIn, but aren't sure what it's for.

Your biggest challenge is that you don't know what you don't know, and trying to uderstand which tools are right for your business. That's where we come in.

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YouTube is a very powerful tool for the business owner. It's a great way to create short videos with your smart device, and upload them for playback on YouTube. You can add keyword tags and a description to the video clips that will help people find them in searches. You can add your web address and other contact information to drive people to your website.

YouTube videos will also show up in Google and Bing searches. That's a great way to drive traffic to your site.

You can embed YouTube videos in your web pages or other social media sites as well. This really helps you leverage the power of this ever evolving field. You can see a number of examples of this on our commercials and infomercials pages. You can scroll through thumbnails of each production and click to watch any or all of the examples. By all means, please click and watch all of them :-)
Facebook is another very powerful tool to utilize in your social media marketing strategy. You can easily create a business page that's attached to your personal Facebook page. Relax - no one can get to your personal page if you don't want them to.

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Posting the latest news or promotions that your business is running is a great use of your Facebook business page. You can post your YouTube videos there after your create them. Facebook is one more venue to promote your business and give viewers your website address as well as phone numbers and email addresses. Facebook makes it easy for people to find your business - and that's the goal!

LinkedIn is yet another powerful tool for your business. You can set up your LinkedIn profile, with a list of skills and certifications that you and your key team members posess. And of course, this is another opportunity to post your compay's contact information.

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You can try and figure out all of this yourself, or you can let CSRA Multimedia help you. The smart money is on letting us help you. Please contact us today to work on your social media marketing strategy.

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