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Wireless AV equipment rental

Wireless AV gear offers unparalleled flexibility at your events

The camera can be placed wherever it needs to go. No more worries about cables running to the projector or control center. We can send a signal through the air up to 200’ and allow you to completely cover your event.

wireless camera on tripod

Talk about mobility we are even equipped to take the electricity with us! Here you see the camera and dolly outfitted with a battery power supply to allow us to roam about freely for hours of shooting and broadcasting.

How cool would that look at your next expo being able to have a roving camera moving from booth to booth and allowing the exhibitors to say hi and mention any specials they have at their booth?

The wireless AV unit can broadcast through bleachers and sheet rock walls. Only solid brick or block walls will stop your mobile message from getting out.

wireless av projector screen

Pictured above is a 5000 lumens projector with a wireless AV receiver. The transmitter is approximately 100' away.

large projetcor with wireless untis

The unit pictured above is an older standard definition installation unit that required a separate unit for the laptop and a second unit for the camera or DVD player input.

The systems we install now can broadcast HD video from BOTH the laptop and a DVD player - how far technology has come in a short time!
Contact CSRA Multimedia soon about your wireless AV equipment rentals. We love to help you take your events to new levels, especially when you didn't know that level existed!

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