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Audio-visual equipment rentals

Audio-visual equipment installs

AV Equipment Rentals

Look no further than CSRA Multimedia. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure your corporate workshop, family reunion, etc. is a complete success.

We can take care of your Audio visual needs whenever you're in the market to rent equipment for next week.

AV rentals

Do you have a good idea of what you need? Are you clueless but know you need to get something? Good news CSRA Multimedia does have the time and expertise to figure out what you need. The personnel at CSRA Multimedia have over 12 years of experience in planning and conducting meetings.

AV rental collage

AV Equipment Installations

We can help you plan, procure and install your new conference room's AV system. We can also train your personnel in the care and usage of all components.

projector screen install

Meeting participants are able to enjoy clear, crisp balanced sound from anywhere in the room. Projectors and screens will be sized appropriately so that all team members will have the "best seat in the house".

confernece room audio system

You can click on the links below to learn about our services for AV rentals (left list below), and for AV installs (right list below). You can also click on the links in the appropriate sidebars to access the pages:
Let us take the worry out of selecting the equipment for your event or your conference/meeting room, and make everything work the way you hope it will. We can help you with all of your AV needs. Contact CSRA Multimedia soon about your AV rentals or installations needs. We will give you exactly what you need.

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