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Digital Bulletin Boards - Web-based information and entertainment for your clients and employees

A Digital Bulletin Board gives you powerful options for adding employee announcements, weather, headline news. etc. to your lobby or breakroom - let CSRA Multimedia help.

Here's a showcase of some of the Digital Bulletin Boards we've installed. The systems are simple to operate and maintain, and your staff can be trained in a matter of minutes to update the display. The great thing is that the system can be updated from anywhere in the world via a networked PC or Mac.

The systems can be used to display information, as well as entertain; the term is "infotainment".

Digital signage - modern advertising

Your marketing budget is always less than you’d like, and there are so many options: print, web, commercials on cable, etc. Which one should you choose?

Maybe you have a facility with foot traffic that could be targeted for advertising by a doctor’s office, auto repair shop, home improvement, etc. You sit and wonder sometimes: what would be the most effective way to market space in my waiting room or lobby that would be attractive to sponsors?

Some of you might be in a completely different category. You have a facility that needs to communicate messages effectively, and have an easy way to update late breaking events in the case of an emergency. Maybe you want an attractive and effective way to praise a good employee’s efforts or to congratulate a senior manager on his upcoming retirement. Perhaps you would like to show the highlights of last weeks’ Christmas party as your staff comes back to work from the holidays...

Digital signage is just the thing that you have been looking for or trying to describe.

A digital signage system allows you to convey your message in many different formats.

For example, the digital signage system shown above (located at the USCA Convocation Center in Aiken, SC) has information shown in three different zones. Two zones have graphical information, while the larger zone plays videos.

The typical digital signage installation has a networked computer connected to a flat screen TV or monitor. The computer plays a “presentation” that is created by setting up a playlist of videos, still graphics, web site feeds, etc. The monitor screen can be subdivided as in the case above, with each “zone” consisting of a separate playlist. The play list can be managed remotely by logging into a user interface to add/delete files, set the start/stop dates for media files, etc. You can update any system form anywhere in the World that you can access the Internet.

Maybe your screen needs to be one zone of information, to display a straightforward, simple message, as seen below in the system in use at Augusta Georgia’s James Brown Arena

A digital signage system can be a wonderful addition to a sports bar or other recreational facility. We installed the system shown on the right at the USCA Student Center. This is a beautiful system consisting of three 42” plasma TVs, with the outer two TVs connected to Wii game units. The center TV has a digital signage computer connected that plays commercials that are targeted to college-aged people. All wrapped up in a beautiful oak cabinet. Pretty cool, huh?


Digital bulletin board - simulation

Click on the flyer icon on the left sidebar to download a brochure about our digital bulletin board kiosks.

Here is a short video simulation of a digital bulletin board kiosk. Imagine having something like this in your break room or lobby to show case products, display employee accomplishments and/or training. There's no limit to what can be displayed - anything available on the web!

Touch screen interactive kiosks

We are very excited about recent developments in which we have been discussing installing digital signage systems containing touch screen technology. This opens up a whole new product line that CSRA Multimedia can offer its customers. There are numerous uses for a touch screen kiosk in commercial manufacturing facilities.

A 65" touch-screen system is pictured above that we installed in the lobby area in an SEW-Eurodrive plant in Lyman, SC. The system allows employees to touch & scroll through job postings, special offers, etc. and also displays the weather forecast, headline news, and a really cool interactive traffic map (courtesy of SCDOT). The layout is maintained and supported by CSRA Multimedia, and announcements are updated by one of the plant employees(and can be updated from any desktop PC in the plant).

No matter how your sign is configured, think about the power of advertising this way. Your message can be targeted to young people in a sports facility, upscale diners at a local bistro, the possibilities are endless.

CSRA Multimedia can install digital signage systems in your facility that will allow you to wow clients while they wait! Here are just a few reasons this is a simple but powerful marketing tool:

• Highlight special offers
• Combines entertainment & marketing
• Easily maintained/updated playlist
• Targeted audience
• Ads can be frequently updated
• A Trivia mix can be added to give you an “infotainment” system

Contact CSRA Multimedia to discuss how a digital signage system could turn some of your lobby wall into an income generator.


A powerful marketing tool for your business.

Digital signage can be used to provide your employees with useful, hands-free information on the plant floor.

Digital signage can also provide you additional income from your restaurant or waiting area by allowing advertisers to market to your patrons.

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