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Media Conversion - Preserving the Past for Future Generations

We can help you with your converting your videotape, audio tapes or reels, photos, slides, negatives, transparencies, etc.

Tapes, photos, records, news clippings - the list is endless. We all have a ton of old memories lying the house stored in the - now where did I put those photos????

We all have a box or two of memories captured when we were young and foolish, or maybe it’s a box of photos from when the kids were small (wow - did we really dress like that????). Perhaps you came across some of your Dad’s slides from his European tour in WWII. Wow - look at these old 8mm and Super8 films that you found in your Grandfather’s belongings after the funeral; wonder what’s on them?

film movies converted to DV

Maybe Grandma is getting on in years and her memory is starting to fade... Wouldn’t it be great to capture some of the history and adventures that she could share of life during the Great Depression?

audio tapes converted to CD

Maybe Grandma passed away years ago, but you have a cassette tape that your Dad made of her in the 1970s. Wow - it would be great to hear her voice one more time...

What about at work? Maybe your the HR director at your company or in the training department, and you have numerous old VHS tapes that are perfectly good information that you would like to make available to your staff. One problem though - your company no longer has a VCR. Or maybe you still have a VCR, but it’s impractical to have people take time away from their desk to go back to the old conference room or store room and watch the tapes. Wouldn’t it be great to convert the tapes to DVDs or web-based videos to enable more people to access them?

Guess what - CSRA Multimedia can help you with all of the scenarios mentioned above. In fact, we can help you with preserving any media you’ve ever heard of. Here are a few examples of items we’ve converted and preserved for customers in the past:
photos and slides converted to DVD and CD

Your memories and your media are so precious. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have your tapes converted and send each of your kids a copy on DVD for Christmas?

Your memories and your media are your most precious possessions. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have your VHS tapes converted and send each of your kids a copy on DVD for Christmas?

We can turn all the old media you have into DVDs and CDs that will last for years. Not to worry - we keep a copy of everything we convert in case your copy gets damaged or lost.

Please contact CSRA Multimedia soon to discuss how to preserve your media. We can suggest several novel ideas that you probably haven’t thought of.

This will make your holiday shopping a little easy. If this is work related, then imagine how happy the boss will be when the old safety training tapes that everyone has to watch can now be viewed on DVD from any computer on the planet!



Preserving those precious and important moments from your personal and business life.

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