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Betamax Tape Conversions to DVD
Format wars - we recently saw blue ray video players win as the successor to the venerable DVD player. Format wars and changing standards are nothing new - think back to the early 1980s when video cassette recorders (remember VCRs?) first appeared. We had two choices; VHS and Betamax, side by side comparisons would reveal that Betamax had a better picture. However, VHS technology had deeper marketing pockets and became the winner. Think about the last time you saw a Betamax VCR in a store; 1984? 1985?

betamax tapes converted to DVD

Maybe you are one of the poor souls out there who bought Betamax camcorders back then and now have only a pile of home movies that you can't watch, because your Betamax camcorder was given away during a relocation move, etc., and you haven't seen the movie of your kids when they were little in over 20 years. Guess what? You can now rejoice!

CSRA Multimedia can convert all of your Betamax home movies to DVD and give you the opportunity to relive those precious memories that previously were just closet ballast.

You might even have several professionally produced movies or documentaries on Betamax. Have you checked Ebay or Amazon to see if they are available on DVD? There are lot of older programs on Betamax that were never released to DVD, which means that your only option is to convert your old Betamax copy. No problem, let CSRA Multimedia take the hassle out of the process.

Contact CSRA Multimedia and let us help you convert Betamax camcorder tapes to DVD.

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