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Personal History Preservation

Preserve your personal history - for this generation and future ones to come

Whether you’ve lived 10 years, or 110 years, you have a story to tell.

There are videos, photos, awards, ribbons, Sunday School projects, yearbooks, diary or journal entries sitting in boxes, on shelves in the closet, in the attic, etc. Maybe the contents are about you; maybe they’re about your grandfather. Maybe you’re the dear aunt that prepares a scrapbook for all of the nieces and nephews who are turning 18.

No matter the situation, all of these memorabilia need to be preserved and passed on as a family heirloom. The items won’t have much value to friends or coworkers, but to you and your family they are priceless.

The biggest challenge for most people is two fold. The first challenge is making this a priority project to get started on. The second challenge, and normally the show stopper, is having any ideas on how to get the materials converted and what can be done.

personal history preservation

The good news is that the staff at CSRA Multimedia have worked on a numerous personal history projects. Whether the task involved converting audio cassettes from 1960, or preserving news clippings from the 40s and 50s, etc. - we’ve pretty much done it all!

We team up with our customers to work together to create lasting memories. Sometimes we do all the work, and sometimes we have them do the parts they know how to do (or can figure out with a little help), and we do the rest.

CSRA Multimedia can help you preserve your personal history. We have a number of page links below on the left that will help you discover ways to preserve the following aspects of your family’s history:

photos and slides converted to DVD and CD

Do you struggle with what to give your adult children for their birthday or for Christmas?

What could be more meaningful than to send them a set of DVDs that you narrated that summarize their childhood?

Maybe your kids are too young to appreciate or even care about having a family history on CD and DVD. Invest in pulling this together while you can; they’ll thank you over and over one day.

Maybe you’re in charge now, as your parents have gotten too old to take care of themselves. Go shoot some video of your parents now while they can still tell their life story. One day it will be all you have left...

Contact CSRA Multimedia to learn more about preserving your family history.


Let the future generations know where your family came from and what you were like.

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