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Converting Home Movies to DVD to Preserve Your Personal History

Convert your old home movies - preserve your personal history

You probably haven’t thought about it, but do you realize that the VHS tapes you shot of your kids in the 1980s are at least 23 years old? Maybe 30 years old? “Ain’t it funny how time slips away” is the lyric from a song a few years back - it’s painfully true, isn’t it?

As those tapes get older, they get more brittle (just like we do). Also, just like we do, they lose some of their memory (as in some of the oxide falling off the tape). Yo9u need to convert those VHS tapes to DVD.

Come to think of it, you still have some of you rold 8mm film reels in the closet from when the kids grew up in the 1950s and 60s. Same thing holds - they’re getting older and brittle. Another challenge is that you don’t even have your projector anymore to enjoy them.
This is especially true it the case of old film movies - they had no sound. Or if you had them converted to VHS, someone probably added elevator music to help make it more interesting to watch. It sure would be helpful to your kids, and particularly to your grandkids, to be able to hear you explaining who those people are. This also becomes a love hletter you send to your kids and grandkids - giving them a piece of you. One day they will treasure that...

Who knows - you might get started and have a hard time stopping! It really is fun when you create something that you can sit back and enjoy later on with your loved ones. Imagine having everyone in at Christmas time - laughing together, crying together. Precious memries - how they (don't) linger.
converting home movies to DVD Imagine having all of your home movies on DVD - a great way to preserve your family’s history!
CSRA Multimedia can help you preserve your famiy’s hiistory. If you need to convert your videotapes or old film movies, we’re the last call you’ll have to make.

We know how important your tapes and films are. We work on them here at our Aiken, SC headquarters - nothing gets shipped out of town (unless we are sending you the finished product).

Also, we keep a copy of everything we convert so that you can get a replacement for the broken or scratched disk (or to order an extra copy for the relative you forgot...).

Ever thought about narrating your family movies? It can be a cool treat for your family to pop in the DVD you sent them of their childhood ball games or dances, and them getting to hear you help tell the story of what they’re watching.
Narrated home movies - a love letter from Mom - click on the video below to see just how meaningful a video can beomce when you add your voice to it. This started out as a simple transfer of a home movie conversion to DVD.

Contact CSRA Multimedia today to discuss preserving your personal history by converting your old video tapes and films.


They're getting old, and will either break or some of the oxide material will fall off. There go the memories...

Convert your movies now ot preserve the quality for years to come.

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