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Converting Photos, Slides, and Negatives to DVD and CD to Preserve Family History

Convert your photos, slides, and negatives to DVD and CD to preserve your personal history - every picture tells a story

Rod Stewart sang that song back in the 1970s, and it’s a timeless truth. Each photo in your album or in the shoe boxes of storage has a story to tell. And it’s a shame that you aren’t sharing the story with the rest of the family.

Let CSRA Multimedia help you turn your jumble of photos into a timeline treasure for all of your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Just look at the three photos below - they span 86 years of my Dad's history from 1919 to 1959 to 2005. BTW, the adorable baby in the middle folder is me - Jeff Siler, the owner of CSRA Multimedia. I’m still as adorable 50+ years later!!! My Dad would be sooooo embarrassed to see his photos on the Internet...

converting photos and slides to DVD and CD

There a ton of things you can do with old photos and slides before and after scanning to create and preserve a wonderful record of your family’s personal history. For instance, you might want to get some scrapbooking supplies and hand write notes on the photos. Not terribly fancy, but it makes a wonderful gift.

One of our clients took about 200 photos and adorned them this way. The resulting DVD montage and CD scrapbook was a big hit when the family got together. Take a look at the two photos above on the right. What a simple, but really cool way to preserve family history!
converting photos, slides, negatives to CD and DVD to preserve personal history

Maybe you want to do something special for your adult children this Christmas. Check this out...

One of our clients wanted to take 500+ 35mm slides and create a DVD video to commemorate family camping trips from the 1980s. He understood how to scan the slides, but we suggest that he tell a story with each slide. We taught him how to use a microphone and record a short narrative for each slide, and then we painstakingly edited the audio files and combined them with the slides to create two wonderful DVDs covering five separate camping trips that spanned about 10 years of his children’s lives.

This present was a tear and laughter filled experience for his three adult daughters. Especially since their Mom had passed away a few years earlier.

The video below is a short example of what the girls got to see. Our client was in his 70s when he made this.

Go ahead - bag ‘em up, box ’em up, organize your photos, slides, negatives, etc. as best as you can and give us a call. CSRA Multiedia will help you come up with a really cool, original way to preserve your family’s history.

Contact us today to learn some of the ways to preserve your family history in photos.


Preserving your photos and slides for generations to come.

Now, everyone will have a copy to enjoy!

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