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Slides Transferred to DVD and CD
Convert your 35 mm slides to DVD and CD

Remember sitting down with your family gathered around the slide projector to view last year's vacation? Halfway through, a slide gets hung on the projection and Dad spends the next 15 minutes (muttering a number of words and phrases that can't be printed here) working to remove the slide. Finally, you're back enjoying the slideshow (well everyone except dad who is still upset at the equipment). It's a shame about that poor mangled slide....

You probably haven't gotten the slides and projector out in a number of years. Do you even have the projector any more? Oops - we gave it away. You say you still have the projector. Does the bulb still work? Besides - who has the time to sit down and load the slides into the carousel????

It's time to really start enjoying those slides again and in ways that you never though possible.
Let CSRA Multimedia convert your 35 mm slide into a DVD movie and a CD scrapbook. The movie can be enjoyed from any DVD player whether in the living room or in your computer. The CD scrapbook will be enjoyed from your computer. Having this really cool digital scrapbook, complete with page flipping sounds, will give you the ultimate experience in enjoying your slides. Plus, you can print any or al of the photos from the scrapbook.

CSRA Multimedia scans your slide at high resolution (800 pixels per inch). This means that your tiny 1" x 1" slide image can be printed as a beautiful 4" x 4" photograph. Our scanner is color-calibrated to ensure that the color in the digital image resembles the original slides as closely as possible.

Your DVD video created from your slides will be a nostalgic treat when you sit down to enjoy it. We can put 500+ slides onto one DVD video. CSRA Multimedia can add warm, fun music from our royalty-free collection, or we can use any songs that you supply to us.
converting and preserving 35 mm slides on CD

Slides aren’t very useful for enjoying anymore; wouldn’t you rather have the images to share?
One of our clients created a truly unique and precious gift for his daughter's 2009 Christmas. We scanned over 500 slides from a number of camping and hiking trips taken in the Rocky Mountains during the late 70s and early 80s. He narrated each of the slides. We then took the digital images and audio files and created two very nice DVD videos.

The DVDs were created with a main menu that would allow him and his daughters to navigate to each trip individually so that they could relive those special moments with mom and dad. We also put the slides together on a CD scrapbook so that he and his daughters could enjoy the individual slides in any order they chose. Also, the digital slides in the CD scrapbook could be enjoyed as high quality prints.

The photography was breathtaking to say the least. Two sample slides are shown below. The image on the left shows the family enjoying a beautiful day hiking across a meadow. The image on the right is a nice shot of Half Dome Rock.
This project produced a priceless gift that his girls and their families thoroughly enjoyed for Christmas 2009. He told us later that the grandkids really enjoyed seeing all those pictures of their moms being silly teenagers. There was a bittersweet element to this story, though. Their mom had passed away years earlier. Seeing their mom in so many enjoyable memories of their youth definitely generated lots of laughter and tears during the 2009 holiday season. This will be a priceless family heirloom, because the grandkids will always be able to go back and hear grandpa's voice one more time.

Aren't your family memories and slides worth converting and preserving for the future? Don't your kids and grandkids deserve to be able to hear your voice after you're gone?

Contact CSRA Multimedia today to discuss converting your slides to CD and DVD so you can create a priceless heirloom for your family.

converting and preserving slides on CD and DVD
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