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VHS Tape Conversions
Get your VHS tapes converted before they break or get older.

You haven’t watched any of the family VCR Tapes for years. Suddenly, a wave of nostalgia hits - oh no! The VCR doesn’t work anymore or worse, your VCR ate the tape! Everything was fine until you got in the middle of your first born’s first Christmas, disaster! What do you do now?

Hopefully this won’t be your fate, especially since you found out about CSRA Multimedia. We can take all of your VHS tapes, broken ones and all, and transfer to DVD all of your priceless memories.

Even if the disaster scenario described above hasn’t happened (yet), you need to get your VHS tapes converted to DVD.
Converting VHS to DVD is a task you might try yourself,. Most do it yourself projects end in less than optimal results and a whole lot more time invested that you could have imagined. Let CSRA Multimedia take the confusion, worry, and hassle out of transferring your VHS tapes to DVD.

CSRA Multimedia goes the extra mile on your behalf. We will try to consolidate your VHS tape transfers as much as possible. We will convert your VHS tape to DVD and add a second, third, etc. tape to the same DVD. We have seen numerous occasions where mom recorded Johnny’s 3rd grade school program and a couple of little league game highlights and did not use the tape again; total time on the tape – 20 minutes. You shouldn’t have to pay full price for converting such a short amount of tape.
video tapes converted to DVD Which would you rather have for watching - the tape on the left, or the DVD on the right? This is a no brainer!
CSRA Multimedia can convert your purchased VHS tapes to DVD so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. Have VHS tapes that were copy protected? We all do. Not to worry,

CSRA Multimedia has the necessary equipment to convert these tapes for you as well. You paid for the right to enjoy and benefit from the material; you should be able to continue to enjoy your investment for years to come.

Contact CSRA Multimedia to learn how to convert that closet full of VHS tapes to DVD. That huge pile of tapes will be transformed into a neat stack of attractive DVDs that occupy a lot less shelf space. Good news – we offer volume discounts on projects of ten or more tapes.

Time marches on, and your tapes are breaking down in the closet! Chunks of iron oxide can break loose from the tape, rendering that precious first step unmatchable.

CSRA Multimedia offers significant savings when transferring multiple tapes to the same DVD. We appreciate your business and understand that your hard-earned money needs to go further these days. We do our part to help you convert your old VHS tapes for the least cost.

Contact CSRA Multimedia today to get your precious memories preserved for future generations. A lot of people have purchased professionally produced VHS tapes of comedians, exercise programs, documentaries, etc. You enjoy these programs and want to preserve them. You check around, but nobody produced them on DVD. Are you out of luck? Not hardly.
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